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  1. Question about water pump gaskets and sealant

    The "How-To" and DIY Section
    On my 05 Trailblazer 4.2L the;) water pump paper gasket from the auto parts store failed and ordered a oem metal gasket waiting on it in the mail. My questions / myth maybe: On the water pump paper gasket type I see post all over the internet stating you should never put sealant on the the...
  2. Power steering

    My 2006 Trailblazer makes a whining noise. I decided to check the power steering fluid and it's still on full from last August. Isn't the vehicle supposed to use it??? :duh:
  3. Fuel pump no power

    OEM Issues
    Had trouble starting my trailblazer, I replaced the fuel filter and pump, checked the relays. For some reason the fuel pump is not kicking on, checked all the connectors and they are fine just not getting power. The relay however is getting power. its not the pump because the main power...
  4. Large gap going into Drive

    Transmission Mods
    I have an '04 LS I6 4x4 w/ 116k miles. When I go into drive from Park or Reverse there is a 1-3 second gap (longer if it's cold) before Drive engages. The same gap does NOT happen when going into Reverse. I've looked around and can't find anyone describing this problem. It started a year ago...
  5. HELP! Broke bolt holding tensioner pulley!

    This is my first time posting on the site, so bare with me. I have a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer LS, and earlier today I was working on tightening my serpentine belt when I accidentally broke the bolt that holds on the tensioner pulley. There is not enough room to get a drill down into the space...
  6. 07 Trailblazer starting problems HELP PLEASE

    OEM Issues
    07 Trailblazer with around 60k miles on it. Had issues starting before but now won't start at all. Thought it was fuel pump, still not starting, Replaced Fuse 41, the fuel pump relay, still not the problem. Trailblazer ONLY starts when the relay is jumped (wire from battery to the relay prongs)...
  7. Fuel line popped off fuel pump

    Anyone ever had this problem? The fuel line popped off the fuel pump causing the 05 tb to stall and leave my wife stranded. I replaced the the fuel pump almost one year ago (about 9000 miles ago). I live in Indiana and the temps have been belo.w freezing and into the single digits for about...
  8. Air Pump Check Valves

    OEM Issues
    Does anyone know where on an 2004 TB 4.2 ls 4wd the Air Pump is located? Is it powered by the belt? My car is failing DEQ tests because of a P0410 Code - "Secondary Air Injection System Malfunction" ... I read about that code and it says that 90% of the time when that code is set the CHECK...
  9. Fuel pump corrosion?

    OEM Issues
    Has anyone heard or seen of any corrosion on the plug to the fuel pump? What about broken or loose wires that might affect the fuel guage. I spoke to the dealer today, they have ruled out the fuel pressure sensor as well as the ICP. I put on a new feul sender this weekend and still having...
  10. Just replaced fuel sender - still have problem

    OEM Issues
    I followed rbarrios instructions on how to replace the fuel pump. I kept the old pump and just replaced the fuel sending unit with an AC Delco sending unit. I have an 05 EXT TB. I must admit it was a lot more difficult than I expected. I backed the TB onto a set of ramps so the rearend would be...
  11. Oh, Joy... (Air ride pump issues)

    OEM Issues
    Just recently, my computer started tripping codes, saying the air ride pump is in trouble. This was in reality no shock to me, since it'd been having some serious starting problems for most of the winter, particularly when it got cold out. (Cold up here means near or below zero) :coffee...