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problem electrical

  1. 2006 Envoy DIC Radio and A/C Panel Out when Cold

    OEM Issues
    I have a 2006 Envoy SLT XL. When started cold the DIC, Radio, and A/C Climate Panel will not turn on. Even tought the Radio is playing and A/C is working, the Engine is running and the gauge are working . Once the Vehicle has warmed up all the panels turn on. Any ideals what is causing this. The...
  2. Electric problem?

    Audio and Electronics
    My 2002 GMC ENVOY SLT came with a problem. the windshield wipers were faulty. they stop working randomly and freeze and shut off in times of improtance. i went to the dealer for the recall and they said that tis something different( bull sh*t ) but any way. recently i noticed some symptoms...
  3. MORE TB electrical gremlins

    I have an '05 LT that has never given me any problems whatsoever...till recently. I installed HID's with no problem and was waiting to get my V-LEDS DRL killer in. When I got it and installed it, it blew my driver's side headlight fuse. I replaced and it was fine for the day. That night, the...