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  1. 05 Envoy passenger window

    Hi all! New here but have read the forum for a number of different helpful suggestions, so thank you. I am currently having an issue with my 05 Envoy SLT passenger window. First, the window would only work sometimes. Then it quit all together. I moved the driver side switch module (DDM) to the...
  2. Rear Defroster causing window electronics to short

    OEM Issues
    I have a 2003 4.2l I6 LS Trailblazer with over 186K Miles. Whenever I engage the rear window defroster it shorts out my power windows and locks intermittently almost like a timer every few seconds it shorts out everything. I have gotten by just not using the rear defroster but I am about to do...
  3. Power, shifting issue(s)

    OK, my 04 Envoy IL-6 is misbehaving.. When I get on the gas, it seems to hesitate a bit, then as I press harded, it takes off somewhat but then up around 6k rpm, it hesitates again and then shifts hard into the next gear.. It almost feels like it's starved for fuel? Like it's fighting itself...
  4. Fuel pump no power

    OEM Issues
    Had trouble starting my trailblazer, I replaced the fuel filter and pump, checked the relays. For some reason the fuel pump is not kicking on, checked all the connectors and they are fine just not getting power. The relay however is getting power. its not the pump because the main power...
  5. AppRadio Won't Turn On

    Audio and Electronics
    I've been trying to troubleshoot this recent problem I've been having with my TB. My AppRadio won't turn on. Manually checked for power on the source power, have 12V there so that's good. I don't have power going to the key on wire however. I'm trying to troubleshoot but don't know how to tell...
  6. HELP - Loss of Power and Shifting Problems (No Engine Light)

    OEM Issues
    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and hoping someone can help me... PLEASE!!. I have a 2003 Envoy with the l6 and we are having major issues. It has a major loss of power at full throttle or under heavy acceleration. Normal driving is fine but when I mash the pedal to WOT it may or may not go into...
  7. tps, bank 1, bank 2 gas peddle, thermostat?

    Okay this problem started last year summer time. driving down the highway and check engine light came on followed by reduce engine power :weird:. Checked codes at local auto parts store came up tps. Changed it later that week with a used part ran fine for a week later same...
  8. radio doesnt work

    OEM Issues
    in my 04 trailblazer, the radio had a cd that wouldnt eject. Then I got back from a deployment after some battery issues and now the entire radio doesnt work. I try to turn it on but it doesnt. If i hit the tune nob, the time will come on for like 10 sec then it does off again. Cd still wont...
  9. Need help with front seat

    Hello and thanks for being here. I joined last month and this is my first post. Bought my 06 Envoy XL last year and it needs a new (used or salavge) panel for the front seat power controls. I also need a center console cover. I think the person who had my truck before me was a little heavier...
  10. 02 to 06 Alternator Difference?

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    After getting the 02 engine swapped with an 06, Ive been noticing on and off weriod screech noises on the engine. The Serp belt was already replaced just to let you know. My friend thinks its has something to do with the alternator since the serp belt is a little off aligned with the idle...
  11. PA Power Outages

    I am one of those without power, I'm over at I'm parents house now, was anyone else in the storm? (I put this in Mid-Atlantic, but a mod can move it if needed)
  12. Power Mirrors Anyone??

    I was curious to see if anyone had any experience adding power mirrors to a base model with no power mirrors? I have an 04 Envoy XL and had been itching to add them but was unsure of what is required. I have heard that the harness has the pigtails for adding them but never looked myself. If...
  13. Sticky Post - Installing an Amplifier

    Audio and Electronics
    How's everyone doing? I've read 90% of the posts within this section and have a question about a Sticky Post (Installing an Amplifier) and comments made by others advising against what's documented in the Sticky. If the majority users who have commented on adding an amp advise against using...
  14. Knocking noise at 70mph

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    A month ago Ive got headers install which was great btw, everything seemed fine except getting the engine code P0420 which was the high flow cats. I got it removed from the tune but the light still pops out. But that's not the problem. A month later Im starting to hear knocking noise for the...
  15. My reduced engine power light came on (Please help)

    My change oil light button came on 2 1/2 weeks ago. And I haven't changed my oil yet. Out of no where, my reduced engine power light came on right as I pulled into my garage. Then I turned off my tb and re-started it. Then the check engine light and the reduced engine power button lit up...