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power steering pump

  1. Did I make a huge mistake?

    A few weeks ago I started the search for a used vehicle and I had my heart set on a Trailblazer or Envoy. I found a 2003 Trailblazer that seemed to drive good with low miles, me being a woman knows some things to look for, however I think I fell for a story. The serpentine belt had been chewed...
  2. New member with steering play on center

    New member here - recently acquired a 2005 LS for an upcoming long road trip (in about a month). Want to make sure everything's ready to go when we hit the pavement (or not-pavement, as it may be!). So far pretty happy with the rig - changed out plugs, battery, and cleaned throttle body which...
  3. No Power Steering, Fluid OK

    OEM Issues
    Well... here's the scoop. I have never had any steering issues but the other day I had some fun doing a few do-nuts in an icy parking lot with my 6 yr old.:woot: I guess I wasn't thinking and turned it all the way against the stops a couple of times while revving it up pretty good. I drove...
  4. power steering pump pulley whine

    OEM Issues
    I have an engine whine that follows the engine's rpms, whine gets louder as rpm's rise. I have narrowed it down to the power steering pump after replacing the tensioner pulley and using a log screwdriver against the pump as the fiance reved it up for me to track down the whine. The pump has...
  5. New member with a question

    OEM Issues
    I just purchased a 2004 Trailblazer LS 4x4 with 88K miles. No sooner than I got it home, I noticed a rattle in the engine compartment. It seems to be at it's worse when the A/C is on. After inspection, I was sure it was the tensioner pulley on the passenger side of the motor because that is...