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power steering pump noise

  1. 2006 TB P/S problems

    I have a 2006 TB that just developed power steering problems, first there was a small whine from the pulley that lasted a week or so then this past weekend the noise got much louder and the P/S was only working intermittently. I stopped to check fluid level, noticed a hissing sound on the...
  2. [SOLVED] Power steering issues

    OEM Issues
    Posted this in the wrong section by misstake, sorry!. Maybe mods can remove my post in TBSS oem issues :o Power steering issues Hi I had a problem with a noisy PS...
  3. Power steering issues

    OEM Issues
    Hi I had a problem with a noisy PS pump a few month ago, i put a new pump in there and all was (almost) fine. I thought it was still a bit noisy, louder than before it broke down( noise and burnt smell of ps fluid) I mostly drive the TB at weekends, and lately it starting to make noise...