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power loss

  1. '04 XL dash cluster gauges & LEDs out?

    My '04 Envoy XL had been idle for several months. As luck would have it, I had to replace the battery (had frozen) and starter. Not a big deal; just an expense I didn't expect (a nice plus was that my keyless remote entry started working again). But, I discovered that after starting up all of...
  2. Power Loss/Won't Shift. Need Help.

    OEM Issues
    Haven't been on here in a looong time, but I am having an issue with my 2003 TrailBlazer with the I6 engine. A couple of days ago, it seemed as if it was having some power loss while accelerating. Just to confirm, I floored it and it accelerated kind of slower than normal. The acceleration...
  3. 03 Trailblazer (4.2l) P0172 (after Fuel Pump and Coil Replaced)

    Hello Everyone! I am having a nightmare with my 2003 Chevy Trailblazer. Here is the history of the current repair so I can get some advice from you FINE GENTS hopefully. OK, so I had the fuel pump bust a sending line the other day which dumped all the gas out and noticed it in a parking lot...
  4. [SOLVED] Completely stumped

    I recently purchased a 2002 trailblazer, vortec 4.2L I6 LS 2WD. I have noticed that when you are sitting at a stop, and then quickly switch back to gas and begin to accelerate it seems to lose power for a second and then take off. this was the first issue I found until I was driving in town...
  5. Texas say HOWDY!

    Im a new member from College Station Texas. I have a 2004 trailblazer LS 2WD. Good to be here!! Thanks for a great site for our problems!! I have two issues and they may be related. I have already done tons of work on my 04 trailblazer. My problem is, that she is starting to lag all the way...
  6. [SOLVED] 06 TB Slow Start with radio power loss

    The "How-To" and DIY Section
    Hi All, I've noticed a slower start over the last month in the TB. Recently, it is accompanied with power loss to the radio that causes the clock to rest. The thing is that it will start most of the time just very slow, but if you turn it off, and try an immediate re-crank it might or might not...
  7. defrost on then stalls out!

    OEM Issues
    2002 envoy_I have a problem every time I turn my defrost on my truck starts chugging and the rpm's go crazy then stalls out but it only has this problem when the defroster gets turned on heat and AC work fine truck runs normal, could anyone tell me what might be the cause of this?
  8. bad knock/loss of power

    I have a 03 GMC Envoy with about 110,000 miles on it. I know the fan clutch is bad and its been ticking for a while. The motor just started knocking here lately. It will start up no problem and idle smooth as glass but it will knock and has no power. It almost seem like its holding its self...
  9. Does not go into any gear, but starts up fine

    2002 GMC Envoy with 159k. Starting it up has no problem and engine runs. Push on the gas and it revs up. Putting it in ANY gear and it just does not move. For a while there was a clicking noise under the vehicle, which i thought was the transmission. It started to die out on the freeway...