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  1. General
    the obd2 port not working with chevy 06 4.2 :hissy:... the fuse (cig or ltr) working good i already tried two diff obd2 bluetooth connector but and they give me this note "Can't Connect to ECU ":weird: and already try to connect directly with protocol "SAE JI 1850 VPW" but no luck at all:nono...
  2. Audio and Electronics
    Okay guys this is a major noob question but I'm going to ask it anyway and hope people dont laugh. Im planning on creating an enclosure next summer(when I have the money) for four 15inch L7 subwoofers. Now the manual says the port is recommended to be 2.5 x 16.25” (6.4x41cm) port, 19.5” (50cm)...
1-2 of 2 Results