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  1. Urban shoot

    Urban shoot

    Just fall shooting great day and clean car
  2. Trailvoy caption contest!

    Pictures and Videos
    I did a search, and didn't see anything, so let's see how creative and funny trailvoyers are! Post your wittiest caption(s) for the photo, and the post-er has a week to pick the best one. Then, the winner posts his or her pic for the next round. If a winner isn't picked within a decent time...
  3. How To: Photograph Your Car

    Pictures and Videos
    I found these on other sites but they are very helpful when photographing cars for the fullest effect.. **** SOURCE UNKNOWN but I got this from **** How to Photograph Your Car You've spent thousands of dollars and years of your own time to build your dream machine, and now...
  4. Trailblazer Photo Shoot (With some editing)

    Pictures and Videos
    I got a new Camera for my graduation present (Olympus E-520) and decided to take some pictures of the Trailblazer this evening. I might update with more later but here's a few: Edit: More Pics.