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  1. pcm efan install question - accessing underneath fuse box

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Trying to get installation of pcmforless efan kit finished up. Having trouble with accessing underneath fuse box with wire bundles on both sides. Wondering if anyone can suggest the best technique to avoid breaking something and get access to the bottom of the fuse box and get my last two...
  2. PCMforless Help PLZ

    TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Hello, my name is Martin, i live in canada, 1st post on trailvoy:D could someone explain what PCMforLess is? Is it a tune or something? (what is being tuned?) (where can you get your car tuned? any mechanic shop?) cost of this? If Yall could give me an elaborate explanation that would be...
  3. PCMforLess Review

    PCM of NC
    [Updated] PCMforLess Review Overview Alright after a few days of testing I've assessed the PCMforLess tune. I am very pleased. This truly does "wake up the engine". Totally worth the money. I chose the Core program. I however decided to keep the old PCM for that "just in case situation"...
  4. Testimonial

    PCM of NC
    I went with pcmforless for my tune back in January. The service and turnaround time was excellent. It feels like a completely different truck, the throttle lag is gone, the throttle response is great, and acceleration in the low rpm range is greatly improved. I went with the shift firmness of...
  5. EFILive and/or PCMforLess??

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    2006 TB 4.2 I6 4x4. Was thinking of going with PCMforLess reprogrammed chip tuned for level 3 shift firmness, currently 275/45/20 tire size (stock was 245/65/17), 93 octane, speed limiter removed, performance exhaust and cat (MagnaFlow with 3" pipes throughout), K&N 57 series CAI, E3's E66 spark...
  6. PCMforLess LS1 eFans in a 9-7X 5.3i

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Yesterday I installed a set of LS1 eFans using a kit from PCMforLess. I got the fans off of a 2000 Camaro Z28. The fans fit perfectly and work like stock. I reflashed the PCM myself using HPTuners and copied the new fan data from a 2007 TBSS LS1 efan file. (The PCM must be reflashed because...