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  1. Paint Recommendation

    The "How-To" and DIY Section
    I am not affiliated with English Color, except as a customer, but I would recommend them to anyone needing near perfect match colors. Not only is their service great but they can load any color match in their own larger rattle cans that spray just about as good as a paint gun. After wasting a...
  2. Interior Color

    Hi i have a dark green trailblazer and i want to paint the interior and i cant seem to find a good color that goes with it any ideas?
  3. Side swiped!

    Show and Shine
    some idiot sideswiped me when i was at the mall, they left HUGE scratches about 2 feet long from the end of the back passenger door to the back of my trailblazer. I didn't notice it until today because of a layer of mud ;) and i have no clue when it happened. Its a 2005 white trailblazer, ill...
  4. Paintjob cost for 03 TB EXT LS?

    So I just bought an 03 TB EXT LS 5.4L :) It has already been my primary ride and I knew I was going to buy it, hence the creation date of my account. Well, I'm trying to to pimp it out a bit; I'm buying 2 headrest screens for my birthday in a few days (the other two later!) and the sun visors in...
  5. Caliper Paint

    Where can i get Hunter (neon) orange caliper paint? Thank you in advance! :)
  6. Clear Coat on Headlights

    So some dude hit me a couple of days agoe. So the dude ended up giving me 200 to fix the damages, which is all i asked for cuz i knew thats all i needed. Well it all ended up to my advantage because i got my buddy to fix the damages (and paint my hood and door handles. :woohoo:) for exactly 200...
  7. painting mirror covers?

    I know there are threads on how to paint mirror covers. But what im looking for is how to do the painting process. I bought, adhesion promoter, dupli-color white primer, dupli-color color match, and dupli-color clear coat all in rattle cans. I am in no way a painter, but would appreciate any...
  8. Thoughts Needed!!!

    I have a 02 TB LS all white, with the only exception being the black plastic on the top of the rear bumper and the black mesh grill. However the crossbar is chrome and I am thinking of blacking it out. No other chrome on the entire vehicle. Will this look awkward if I put the crossbar, bowtie...
  9. Underbody Painting

    I am looking to do some cleanup to the frame and under body of my 03 TB. I have painted cars before and understand how to paint so thats not the problem. I am a little unsure of how exactly to get at the under body and frame in the best manner. I will be removing any rust on the frame then...
  10. Paint grill badge

    I am thinking about painted the red grill badge on the front of my 2003 Envoy. Has anyone done this or have pics of this? Tips on how to do it are also appreciated? Can you get stickers as opposed to painting it?
  11. Painted Mesh & Bowtie w/ Grill Lights

    hey guys so i decided to paint my grill mesh along with the bowtie, and decided to add some leds to the grill. im halfway there with everything painted and i know where im going to mount the leds. Any advice on weather or not i should paint the chrome bar black or leave it silver?
  12. Front Bumper

    Hi There! On my TB my front bumber has tons of little paint nics and i was wonder what ya'lls opinion was... Would it be easier/cheaper to find a bumper online and replace it? Or should i go to a body shop and get it re-painted? Thanks!!!!!!!!:crazy:
  13. Tire Shine Leaving "RUSTY" Dots All Over TB

    Hey guys, Just figured i'd post one about tire shine and what it has been doing to my vehicle. Typically, i dress up the 22's tires with BLACK MAGIC TIRE WET and i have been noticing that the "spin off" of the tire shine has been leaving these little "rusty" looking dots all over my white...
  14. No more gold!!!

    First off, I wanna say thanks to Blazin_Trails for the textured paint idea. I painted the front bowtie, the two bowties on the side molding, and the back of the mirrors. I also removed the bowties from the center caps (after losing one) and painted them directly on instead(different paint)...
  15. Decided to paint my bowties

    My original gold bowties because they were pretty aged didn't look great. I tried to match the spray paint as best as I could and I'm pretty happy how it turned out. It is a little darker than the stock paint, but not bad. I got the metallic paint so it kinda has that same sparkle to it as the...
  16. DIY Color Matching Bumper Cover Input Needed

    I've been reading up on old threads for painting front ends and can't quite find what I'm looking for, so I need some extra input. In the next week or so, I'm gonna tackle color matching my crossbar, and painting my bowtie black. I want to also color match the boring grey part of the lower...
  17. What do i do about this rust/chipping

    it is on the front edge of the rear passenger side door near the bottom. i discovered it the other day while washing off all of the salt and junk from the northeast ohio roads. i dont want to have to repaint it but i have a feeling im going to have to....i just want something so it isnt so noticable
  18. Should I paint these?

    should i paint the area's that i boxed in red?:confused:
  19. Two Tone Fabric Seats (done with fabric paint)

    Ok, So I bought this DupliColor fabric and vinyl spray paint from Summit Racing ($7.95 a can). I decided my seats were boring and I wanted to two tone them. My cousin has a TB that has the two tone leather and a Charcoal Wood Grain dash. I am going for the same look because I thought it looked...
  20. Paint Code and Vehicle Mismatch

    I have been on a search for the touch-up paint for my 2003 Envoy since I bought it. It had a few tiny scratches from rocks and such here and there, just enough to annoy me really. I checked the code on the truck, it was WA386E, or Pewter Metallic, now if you look at my truck, it does not...