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paint code

  1. Help with Accent Color on my 03 North Face Trailblazer EXT

    Hello, I am brand new to the Site. I'm trying to find out what the paint code / color name of my Accent Color on my Trailblazer EXT V8 North Face edition. The Main color is Black, but there is a Metallic Tan/gold color on the Front and back bumpers, Fender Flares, lower cladding on sides as...
  2. Paint Code and Vehicle Mismatch

    I have been on a search for the touch-up paint for my 2003 Envoy since I bought it. It had a few tiny scratches from rocks and such here and there, just enough to annoy me really. I checked the code on the truck, it was WA386E, or Pewter Metallic, now if you look at my truck, it does not...