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  1. P0410 and P0016 codes thrown

    OEM Issues
    Sounds like the P0410 seems to be a common code with the Envoys. I have a 2004 Envoy 4.2L V6 and it is definitely in need of some repairs. The two codes it's throwing are the secondary air injection system and the camshaft position sensor. Now I've read a lot on these forums about the P0410, but...
  2. No power on hills, some power loss accelerating - Misc Codes

    OEM Issues
    I am thankful for all the folks in this forum, I have solved a few of my issues already and I am hoping with your help I can solve these last problems. Symptoms: It does not seem to matter cold or warm start, when I slightly press the gas pedal sometimes the engine will slightly stall then...
  3. 2005 TB LS 4.2 Code P0410

    Last year around March, my check engine light came on with this code. Had everything checked out, replaced the Air Pump and the relay and the light went off. Stayed off until this March. Doing some research, I found that most likely I should have replaced the Air Pump Valve as well. I have...
  4. P0410 and Misfire ?!?

    OEM Issues
    First - Thanks to everyone on the site - HUGE valuable source of information on my '04 TB Second - About 10 months ago started getting sporadic P0410 codes usually only when it was raining (I've read TONS about this problem) Eventually the code stayed on all the time. :worried: Discovered...
  5. P0410, like everyone else

    OEM Issues
    Hello, This is my second post to this site(my first being in the Intro forum). I'll start off by saying this site is pretty bad ass and has been a very valuable resource! Ok, now that the butt kissing is done... P0410 code on a 2005 Envoy SL. I'm sure that's enough said normally, but not...
  6. P0410

    OEM Issues
    F my truck! I have had a P0410 code for a while now on my 05 envoy. First the check valve was stuck. Replaced and fixed the issue. Two months later the pump was making a lot of noise and eventually failed throwing the P0410 code again. I replaced the pump a couple weeks ago and cleared the code...
  7. help with code PO410

    OEM Issues
    OK ill make this as short as possible if anyone could help me i would greatly appreciate it. i had this code about 6 months ago (p0410)and the part was replaced under warrantee...i am now coming up on 39k and am no longer under warrantee and this same code is back (secondary air injection...