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  1. OEM Issues
    Hi all, finally got my air dtc cleared and on my 2nd test drive,the transmission acting like it's gone,wth? I unplugged the battery tonight,and I will check everything in the morning. Anyone else ever seen this situation?
  2. 02-09 General Tech Q&A
    I have a 2005 GMC Envoy I6. The Low Power Mode Light is on and the truck just creeps along. Before that the A/C would go in and out. Got codes read. These are the codes. P0410 Secondary air injection system, P0420 catalyst system efficiency below threshold (bank 1), P0641 Sensor reference...
  3. OEM Issues
    Just wanted to say how helpful this site is. I've been a member for a while but haven't had a need to post since most info can be found by searching. The probem I have is pretty common, but haven't been able to solve it. This all started a year or so ago. My SES light came on and I used my...
1-3 of 3 Results