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  1. OEM Issues
    Hey everyone, New to the site, but I've been searching random threads for quite some time. I have a P0016 that I've been fighting and I figure I'd throw it out to the experts in the biz. I have multiple techs looking for answers and no one seems to be able to find the reasoning behind the...
  2. OEM Issues
    Sounds like the P0410 seems to be a common code with the Envoys. I have a 2004 Envoy 4.2L V6 and it is definitely in need of some repairs. The two codes it's throwing are the secondary air injection system and the camshaft position sensor. Now I've read a lot on these forums about the P0410, but...
  3. OEM Issues
    I have an issue with my 2004 TB throwing a P0016 code only when it is cold (below 40 degrees F), and the engine is at atmospheric temperature. It can be cold out, but if the engine is slightly warm on restart it does not generate the code. There are no issues with the vehicle starting or...
1-3 of 3 Results