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  1. OEM Issues
    Trying to change the forward bank 2 O2 sensor. I cannot get a good grip on the plug to pull the bayonet and disconnect. Anyone done this and can give some tricks and tools needed? I've come at it from below and through the wheel well with no luck. I'm loosing my patience with it.
  2. OEM Issues
    This is a long story so I'll leave out the "why i did it" and give the facts. Bought the 4.2l evnoy used with 85k miles. It ran ok but used oil. Found out #2 cylinder was using the oil. Finally I burned a #2 exhaust valve. I changed the valve. About 5000 miles later, I burned the adjacent...
  3. General
    Last year around March, my check engine light came on with this code. Had everything checked out, replaced the Air Pump and the relay and the light went off. Stayed off until this March. Doing some research, I found that most likely I should have replaced the Air Pump Valve as well. I have...
  4. General
    Howdy all, Thought I'd jump right in here finally w/my first post and talk codes. Last week P0171 & 0131 popped up on the scanner for MAF & O2 sensors, respectively, I believe. Was wondering if there tends to be any relation between the two, ie, deal w/one first and that may take care of the...
1-4 of 4 Results