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  1. 02 Trailblazer new fan clutch not engaging

    I searched the forum, didn't see my issue so thought I'd give it a shot. AC compressor wouldn't run for more than 10 minutes before turning off completely until the engine cools and the 10 minute cycle would reset. Additionally, I had to replace the fan clutch (needed, it locked up [and the ac...
  2. bubbling coolant reservoir overheating engine

    hey guys how are you, i am new to the forum and i was wondering if anyone could give me a hand with this issue i have with my car, it is a 2002 tb lt, just bought a couple days ago, when i tested it, it drove fine, a couple days later it started to overheat, the ac is also not that cold, the fan...
  3. 03 TB LT EXT still overheating

    OEM Issues
    Ok this is what has been done: Replaced Fan Clutch a year ago (twice because the first one was bad within a month) Replaced Radiator, hoses, clamps, cap (done this past week) Water Pump replaced (Also replaced this past week) Thermostat replaced last year (done before fan clutch because no one...
  4. Complete coolant leak and other issues

    OEM Issues
    TL;DR: All of my coolant leaked rapidly from the system. Refilled with water to test, none leaked out after driving ~5 miles to a safer parking lot. ------ Story: I bought my 2004 Trailblazer LS (4.2L I6) about a month ago. It has 83k miles on it, but I've had some problems ever since. It...
  5. Overheating gauge stting right on 240 help

    02 trailblazer ltz 116k as u guys can see when i have the rpm on idle its rise up and i rise the rmp to 2k the gauge goes down. This car has been sitting for awhile so i dont if this is normal on this type of car. My temp outside is around 50F. Right now
  6. Trailblazer '03 Over heating

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Dear All, I am having chevy trailblazer'03, for the last few days I am having engine over heating problems while running with AC in the day timing. And even in night the temp needle goes a bit on right. Since I am living in Arab, so obviously the day is quiet hot, but I remember my engine used...
  7. 03 4.2L overheating and leaking coolant

    Went to pick up my wife today and noticed no heat blowing from the heater and engine temp rising quickly. As well as fan running hard. I pulled over, and the coolant was gone from the rez. I didn't check the rad as it was still hot. Upon getting back home I noticed all my coolant on the...
  8. 4.2 overheating

    Does coolant flow thru the intake manifold? Engine is overheating and losing fluid quickly. I was told to check the intake manifold gasket first. Is this right?
  9. Ambient Temperature Effect on Cooling?

    Hello, Today it's the hottest its been in Iowa for as long as I can remember--blazing sun, 99 degree's with 115F "real feel". The wife did some stop and go traffic today over the course of two hours with stops in between for appointments. Usually the TB stays solid on the 210 mark, but today...
  10. Temperature Issue

    OEM Issues
    Recently got an 04 trailblazer ls, 104k miles, and noticed the temperature gauge is going way past 260 degrees. I hooked an obII code reader up and its saying the temperature is 185. I have no idea whats going on, or even where to start. Everything else seems to be working fine, i know the truck...
  11. Overheating issues with AC on while idling/parked

    About a month ago I started having issues with the AC clutch turning off/on while I was idling (picking up my son from school) and a bad vibration from the engine bay. It would do it constantly (like every 2-3 mins) and just would not cool. Once I started moving it would instantly start cooling...
  12. Coolant/Overheating Problem

    OEM Issues
    2004 Trailblazer Ext, 4.2L Hello everyone. About 2 weeks ago my Check engine light came on; I stayed on for around 2 days and went off. I got to an Auto Zone after it went off and had the code read, they said the code that came up was for low coolant temp, during this whole time my temp gauge...
  13. 03 fan clutch replaced, still issue

    OEM Issues
    Just had the fan clutch replaced by a local service company, not dealer. Solved the constant roaring problem but now it still comes on whenever the car is started. Usually goes away after a minute or so. Does this even when the engine is still warm. They did not do any kind of software...
  14. a few probs i could use some help with

    OEM Issues
    hello everyone, ill get down to business 1. my cruise control does not work and the computer is not telling me there is a problem. 2. the seal on the back driver door is coming off cause it is hitting the door panel when the door shuts. i tried gluing it but that didnt work. 3. i live in...
  15. Traiblazer 2002 overheating

    OEM Issues
    Hello, I have an 02 trailblazer and presents this problem: when I start the engine the fan clutch engages and it blows 100% (a little noisy), then when temperature rise up until 75°C, it desengages until the engine comes overheated (about 120°C) and engages again, but its too late to cool the...