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  1. cable replacement

    Greetings community. I used a tutorial years ago on how to splice in an aux cable to the existing wire harness that plugged into what i think was an Onstar unit located behind a breakaway panel on the front passenger side (beneath the glove box) on a 2007 Envoy. Long story short, I botched...
  2. Onstar

    Audio and Electronics
    I want to connect an after market head unit to my 05 Chevy Trailblazer LS but the wire harness I need costs 150 just because it has onstar. Is there a way to remove onstar so that I can get a cheaper wire harness.
  3. What type of wiring harness to use for aftermarket CD player

    Audio and Electronics
    I have 2002 trailblazer ltz Bose and onstar Want to retain both with chimes Too many options on Internet and they aren't cheap so I need a good answer from someone who has done it before I haven't decided what deck to use, does it matter? -what wiring harness is best? -does the CD player...
  4. [SOLVED] 06 Tb Aftermarket GMOS 01 blowing up my radio fuses

    Audio and Electronics
    I am installing a pioneer 710bt into my 2006 trailblazer with onstar and no bose. I am using the GMOS-01 harness. The first time i tried, like a rookie :bonk: i didn't unplug the battery and fried my GMOS. After getting a new box i tried again and now when i plug the negative cable back into my...
  5. Serious ignition problem

    OEM Issues
    Well a little background. I'm in the Army in Afghanistan and my wife is back home with our only vehicle the Envoy... that being said.... I need help.... Well it was parked for 1 month... nobody drove it and it just sat in my driveway. Then my wife got home and tried to start it, and not...
  6. RCA into 2002 Trailblazer LTZ

    Audio and Electronics
    hi all, I have a question that i would like to hear others opinions before i go out and break something, or spend money on something that wont work. First of all here are the Specs: 2002 Trailblazer LTZ Bose Radio 6 CD changer Onstar back seat radio controls (not sure what it is called)...
  7. OnStar GPS - help identify and access in 2002 TB

    Audio and Electronics
    Hi all, Can someone help me with a project? I have a 2002 TrailBlazer LTZ with the obsolete analog OnStar system. I have the unit sitting on my desk, but can't identify which model of the Motorola(?) GPS is in this vehicle. I've done internet searches on part numbers, but nothing comes up...
  8. Onstar mods

    Audio and Electronics
    So I've been a happy owner of an 05 trailblazer for a few months now, and I played with the free 3 month trial of onstar and was mostly just amused at it. Never really used it, except for a few times when I had no cell service on my handheld, but the stong transmitter in the onstar unit got...
  9. need system help please

    Audio and Electronics
    Hey guys I am having major problems with my system. I have an 05 TB LT with the bose premium system. I had Best Buy take out the factory 6 disc radio and put in a cheap piece of junk from ebay (regretting it:duh:). Its an XOVision1740BT...
  10. use onstar wireing for ipod

    Audio and Electronics
    Hey everyone, heres a new aux input idea i have onstar on my 03 tb LTZ, i want to keep my stock HU because of steering wheel controls, and it isnt the XM, or MP3 or changer version. and ill never use my onstar, so i was wondering if i could splice a cable into- lets say the signal comming out...
  11. Installing an aftermarket amp while retaining onstar/door chime

    Audio and Electronics
    Hey guys, So i have the Metra AXXESS GMOS-01 adapter and all the nessecery stuff installed. I am wanting to know how/if the door chime/OnStar will still be functional when i run all four door speakers on a seperate amp. Im not sure how all the wiring and what not works with the adapter. I really...