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  1. Exterior
    I have 16" stock wheels on my 2004 trailblazer LS, I'm currently looking for something like the picture I've attached below. I've had no luck finding anything like these, I know wheels for the trailblazer are a little hard to come by but if there's anybody out there that could help me find a set...
  2. The 06-09 SS "How-To" and DIY Section
    Hey everyone! I have a 2006 Envoy, 4.2l, looking to lift. What would I need and how would I do it? Thank you! :x
  3. Off-Road
    Hi everyone, Please keep in mind i am a total novice when it comes to modding for offroading, so I'm sorry if i explain something wrong. I have a RWD 07 Trailblazer with the 4.2. I love offroading and I want an unapologetically large straight axle swapped beast. I know i'd be cheaper to sell my...
  4. The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    Was looking under my hood trying to figure out where to wire my new lights through. Looked at running it through the fire wall where all the other wires are entering into the car. However, the wires are taped tightly together with electrical tape and its impossible to squeeze the wire through...
  5. Off-Road
    Hey everyone I just joined and I want to make my trailblazer offroad like. I've made a few modifications already. Anyone have any tips on next ones to make? I've been following James Downing's website on his mods. I really like his vehicle. I'm going for something like his...
  6. Exterior
    Hi everybody, long time looker, first time poster. I recently wrecked my 06 ext and need to replace the front bumper and cover. I would really rather go with an offroad bumper instead of the factory stuff. The problem I am having is finding much to choose from. All I can find is what used to be...
  7. Suspension
    03 trailblazer LS, im putting a 3in front coil spacer and 2.5in rear lift in. im gona put new shocks/struts in too. but i need help finding the proper size without them sitting half compressed or hitting the bumpstops or bottoming out while towing and flexing or offroading, im a fan of ProComp...
  8. Off-Road
    Hi everyone. I am in need of some good 4x4 rims but I do not want to go bigger than 16s. i enjoy the motometal rims but cannot seem to find any to fit my 04 ls. If anyone has any good sites to find 16 inch offroad black rims please help. Thank you. :thx
  9. Pictures and Videos
    Took some photos of the sunrise this morning up in the mountains, absolutely beautiful :) While I was up there, I took a few shots of the truck.
  10. Introductions
    Hey yall Im new to this but I am a diehard Chevy fan and recently bought a 2004 Traiblazer 4.2 l6.. every option available! I have a 4" lift (2" body 2" suspension) running 33" bfg mud terrains.. many upgrades to come though.. so keep checkin my page to see what i do next... "GO BIG OR GO HOME"
  11. WaterFront

    Just outside of Alamosa Colorado, April 2010
  12. In the Sun

    Just outside of Alamosa Colorado, April 2010
  13. Off-Road
    Unfortunatly I've been pulled over quite a few times recently. The police have been pulling over vehicles with roof racks, thinking that every vehicle equipted with one is a teenager that is up to no good. I can't afford to get any more points on my license and can't deal with being pulled over...
  14. Suspension
    Hello everyone, Who has the best struts/shocks for a 2003 tb with a 3in lift. Thanks
  15. Off-Road
    I went camping/offroading with my friend this past saturday. We had a great time until we came up on this big mud puddle. I didnt check out how deep it was, I based a guess on the past ones on the trail. Well I made a HUGE mistake. I went in, kinda fast.. It was deeper than I thought and I took...
  16. Off-Road
    Well it was about 10 last night and I had this huge urge to go offroading.. So my friend and I hop in the TB, fill it up with gas.. and head north to a WMA. We were driving around, having a good time (nobody but us up there* so we thought) We then come around a turn and find an opening in the...
  17. Off-Road
    Well it finally happened... The bumper project that I started back in late March was finally installed! The bumper started as a Kennesaw Mtn bumper... but with some tweaks, and a lot of custom work. Anyone recognize the resemblance to my old WAAG? The push bars were pushed only 2" out...
  18. General
    Hey guys. I'm new to the forums :). Owned a TB SS AWD for a few years in the states, now we moved to the middle east in the middle of the desert. I'm just curious if anyone has experience of modding a TB SS for offroad, or if going with a normal TB would be better. I'm wanting a fun daily...
  19. Off-Road
    Alright guys, by now you've probably read the TECORE planning thread (found here), but if not, I created a website that will house the latest details about the event: The site will stay up to date with maps (as they are made/found), resources, times, and the overall...
  20. Off-Road
    Well, I decided to do some recon out in the area of the GWNF (George Washington National Forest) that will be playing host to TECORE in April. I hit up a trail I had not gone on before, so naturally, it was quite an adventure. I took a circuit that included an area called Flag Pole Knob and...
1-20 of 22 Results