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  2. XUV Overlander wannabe

    XUV Overlander wannabe

    Power roof removed, rear side glass and tailgate glass removed.
  3. Pictures and Videos
    Had a great time with my 2004 Envoy XL SLT down in the Hundred Acre Wood ;).. because honestly I have no idea where this trail is. Decided to pull out the camera and get a few good shots of the car though. More Shots/Full Set -
  4. Off-Road
    Hey everyone I just joined and I want to make my trailblazer offroad like. I've made a few modifications already. Anyone have any tips on next ones to make? I've been following James Downing's website on his mods. I really like his vehicle. I'm going for something like his...
  5. Suspension
    I'm trying to make my stock 04 Trailblazer LS look more aggressive. One of the things I would like to do is to stick some bigger, meatier tires on it. Is it absolutely necessary for me to install a lift kit? :confused:
  6. Tires
    so here is the deal, i need some new tires. my geolander hts's suck and dont grip for sh*t in the mud. I went out on the trails today and got stuck on the first hill and turn because I am using highway tires that came with the TB when i bought it and i just sank into the mud. I need a set of...
  7. Off-Road
    Been doing some off roading in my newly aquired trailblazer and i am unsure of which setting to use when doing a steep hill climb with about an inch covering of snow. I usually use 4lo but ive had trouble where the only tire that spins is the one with the least traction. I need all the other...
  8. Pictures and Videos
    Went up to the mountains this morning with BigBadBowtie088
  9. Off-Road
    Does anyone else notice a very sluggish throttle response when their TV transfer case is in Low Range? I have an '05 TB 4X4 that's completely stock except for some all-terrain tires (stock size). We take it on family trips to the mtns. out here in Idaho pretty often, and occasionally end up on...
  10. General
    Hello everyone, I just bought a 2003 trailblazer. I wont to improve it the best i can. I have already replaced the radio and speakers, and i wont to get started lifting and tuning it up. Is there anything else i can do? do you have any tips on what manufac. i should use? please include...
  11. Off-Road
    Well, we're planning to do it again. TECOREII (Trailvoy East Coast Off Road Event) September 18-20 George Washington National Forest Near Harrisonburg, VA For more details, go to (maps, full list of guidelines, etc). Whos invited? Anyone with a lifted TrailVoy. Some of...
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  13. Off-Road
    TECORE.OFFROADTB.COM Well, TECORE '09 has come to an end. I think it all came out pretty successful (but I will let the other guys tell you how they felt). Here's a quick review of the weekend: Who: JamesDowning (James) - Black TrailBlazer splivkramer (Todd) - Black TrailBlazer Dizzlenator...