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not starting

  1. Fuel Pump Issues 2004 Trailblazer

    OEM Issues
    Hello Trailvoy, So the other day my son was installing his subwoofers into his 2004 Trailblazer LS EXT. For some unknown reason, he drilled to close to the main set of wires traveling under the steering column. He immediately ran inside to tell me and as I looked closer, I noticed he had only...
  2. Installed new radio today and will not start

    I installed a new head unit today. I go out to start my truck to leave and my radio is on and I cannot start the truck. When I try to crank it I get an unknown driver on the instrument panel and nothing happens. Earlier today after installing the unit I was going to a restaurant, made a right...
  3. Fuel pump no power

    OEM Issues
    Had trouble starting my trailblazer, I replaced the fuel filter and pump, checked the relays. For some reason the fuel pump is not kicking on, checked all the connectors and they are fine just not getting power. The relay however is getting power. its not the pump because the main power...
  4. HELP!!! No crank ignition issue!!!

    OK guys, here is the story. My wife went out the other night to roll the windows down on our 2003 trailblazer (6 cylinder), and left the key in the run position over night. Next morning I went to start the truck and well......dead battery. Charged it and tried to start the truck.....nothing...