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  1. Audio and Electronics
    Hi there, I'm working on my wife's '05 TrailBlazer. No sound from the speakers, but the radio picks up station info. It has the Bose radio and amp. Fuses are good, and speakers don't appear to be shorting. I was using a digital multimeter to check the speakers from the amp harnesses yesterday...
  2. Interior
    :mad: 02 Envoy, BOSE factory HU etc. NO sound on FM stations, normal volumes on AM stations and CDs. Disconnect antenna FM has normal volumes of static.
  3. General
    I have a 2007 trailblazer ls and when I first got it when I clicked lock on my key it would chime that it locked (CHIRP). When I unlocked it it would go (CHIRP, CHIRP). Now when I lock it it wont make a sound but will only lock the doors. Pretty much my alarm isnt working because I tested it out...
  4. Audio and Electronics
    Hi, my factory radio in my o2 tb ls has quit on me. I had it out the other day when i was fixing a cracked ac control unit. when i hooked everything back up the radio would light up but no time displayed, no turn on, and no sound. Anyone have any tips on what it could be? I have checked all the...
  5. Audio and Electronics
    I've determined that I thrashed something on the interior of the radio. Here's the deal, the radio powers up, I can changed bands, switch to XM, turn the volume up and down, basically do everything, but no audio is coming out of the unit to the speakers. I plugged my iPod directly up to my amp...
  6. Audio and Electronics
    Here's what I got. 07 TB LT with non bose. I wanted to run a 4 channel amp so I got the PAC RCA box to run RCA cables right from the head unit. I couldn't figure out how to get wires out to the speakers in the doors so I tapped into each speaker at the pillars where the wires come in from the...
1-6 of 6 Results