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no power

  1. NO Power to driver's side seat

    Joe here. I have NO power to the driver's side seat. I checked the memory controls and they're fine. As for adjusting the seat itself, NOTHING happens. Just before this happened, whenever my wife or I got in the truck, & it would adjust to our settings, the seat would make a creaking noise...
  2. No Power, Key stuck in ignition

    Hello, I have seen other threads about this, but needed to add a few other concerns. I have a 2007 Trailblazer and it has been driving fine. just had tranny lines replaced at the dealer and no other issues. over the past couple of days, the traction control light has come on once, but went...
  3. Losing my mind over random stalling

    OEM Issues
    This is my first post although I have been a member for a while. I have a 2004 TB 4-wheel drive with the 4.2 . Roughly 145,000 miles. Over the last 2 weeks or so my TB has begun cutting out/ shutting down while driving at highway speeds and I have almost been in an accident twice because of...
  4. Fuel pump no power

    OEM Issues
    Had trouble starting my trailblazer, I replaced the fuel filter and pump, checked the relays. For some reason the fuel pump is not kicking on, checked all the connectors and they are fine just not getting power. The relay however is getting power. its not the pump because the main power...
  5. No Power when re-installing factory radio

    Audio and Electronics
    2004 Isuzu Ascender Went to install aftermarket radio and did not realize there was 2 plugs to the factory radio!! Went to re-install the factory radio and now the factory radio will not turn on. Also noticed 2 orange wires!?! Any ideas?
  6. No power to driver door.

    My 2006 Envoy XL SLT driver side door switches quite working. All the other doors work fine. When you turn the key off the radio shuts off instead of staying on until door is open or 5 min is up. The dome light does not work. The controls for the windows, the locks, heated seats, mirrors, & seat...
  7. 2004 Trailblazer possible transmission problem

    Hi All First of all, thanks in advance for your recommendations. I am new to to the site, and have seen lots of great information since I have joined. I have a 2004 LS with 150k miles and apparently a lots of problems. I had my mechanic take a look at what I thought was going to be a couple...
  8. no power to hvac control panel

    i was driving my '05 envoy to work today and had the defrost on. i hit the down arrow on the fan speed button (digital controls) and lost all power to hvac controls (nothing on display screen where temp usually is, none of the buttons work at all on the front or back hvac controls)... i checked...