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  1. General
    This seems to be a common thread, however I cannot seem to find the correct fit for our issue. We have no A/C and the shop says they need to replace two things: 1. Rear Evaporator Core 2. Rear Auxiliary A/C Lines 2b. (also in a footnote possible update kit of mounting block) Total est cost...
  2. Interior
    The air isn't blowing but i pulled out the blower motor and it is working and all the fuses are good and the ac compressor is engaging...the rear console air is working just fine...any suggestions??
  3. OEM Issues
    Hello everyone, I am having a AC issue not completely diffrent than what I have found on here but a little. My air is getting cold, (compressor is engaging) but only blows out of rear vents. The air blows great out the rear vents but none at all from any of the front vents (defrost, upper...
1-3 of 3 Results