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  1. Towing Newbie, U-Haul, 2000 miles

    Ok, to begin with I am going to say that I have spent a good few hours reading about towing with a trailblazer since I never done it before. I have a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer with 145k miles, 3.42 gear. I used to be a technician at a GM dealer, so the car is at a very good shape. All fluids...
  2. Lift Questions

    Hey everyone let me start off by stating i am new member to trailvoy, that being said sorry if I'm not posting in the correct forum thread. Feel free to delete it or inform me and ill repost after i do some more searching! Also i am the new proud owner of a TB!!! On to my questions, Whats the...
  3. Great Site!!

    Good evening everyone I joined a while ago but have never posted. However this site has been extremely helpful in troubleshooting problems with my beloved TB. The information is always valuable and very accurate! I am happy to be a part of this online community and hope I can...
  4. Newbie!! 03 north central Ma

    great sight!! so much to read!!
  5. Hello Guys

    Hey guys just joining to get some input on my truck and to see others in their questo to make thier GMT360 better. I Live in Dallas and currently own a 08 GMC Envoy Denali. I love it. And i love the GMT360 platform!
  6. Oakland, California checking in

    Hey Folks, New to this forum, new to the Envoy. 2006, 55k miles, took delivery today. Black/black leather. 4.2, 4x4, sunroof, dual power, dual heated seats. I believe it has all the options except for DVD (and nav if that was an option for that year). LOVE the 291 horses. For now planning to...
  7. Hello everybody!!

    My name is Manuel, I live in Mexico just south of the border from Arizona. I own a Chevy Trailblazer '02 with a 6 cil 4.2 2006 engine. Recently I decided not to change my TB for a new car but to invest some money on this one and get it in sharp condition and even update it a little... So I...
  8. Gotta start somewhere!

    Hey guys. I've been reading and planning for weeks now about mods, upgrades, and DIY's for the ol TV and I'm getting started today. I took off the front airdam yesterday before me and a buddy went for a ride on a few trails and a dirt road or two because i didnt want it to get broken off on one...
  9. howdy :)

    Hello guys. Im a newbie here and i wanted to introduce my self for a bit. Maybe get to know a few of yall and find cool parts for my vehicle. I just recently purchased a Envoy Denali from my dad. He sold it to me after my car began to fail. Its pretty new its an 08 with 30k miles. It has it fix...
  10. New To The TrailVoy World Any Advice???

    Hey guys im new to this site and want to become more involved with my car and the groups of people who love their cars like i do. I own a 2004 TB LS, it is bone stock with no int/ext mods. im looking for any advice on some cheap and easy mods to get me started so i can get some experience for...
  11. Thanks to ALL the veterans

    I've been looking for a new vehicle for some time now, and finally narrowed it down to a few options. I knew I would be buying used, so checked out the forums to see what real-world info I could find. TrailVoy has struck me as a great resource, and offered some great answers to my questions...
  12. Looking for some help installing a G80 (St. Louis)

    4x4 Drivetrain
    So I think I managed to get hold of a G80 for my TB I've got the GT4 (3.73) gears in the back, and I'm wanted to keep the gears and install the G80, I know it's possible as many here have done so. The only problem is most of the shops around here are charging more than I can afford and I'd like...
  13. Newb to the site

    Hey everyone, I'm a site newbie who recently purchased a '04 XUV 5.3L I'm excited to learn all I can from the rest of the site members. It appears the only problems I am having so far have already be addressed by other posts. As time goes on I hope to post any work arounds I can so others...
  14. Newbie

    I have owned my TB for some time now but this is my first time in this forum. I have personally replaced quite of bit of some parts on my truck. Theres no feeling like the feeling of a replacement project gone smooth. I look forward to further help from all of you out there and maybe I will be...
  15. Canadian TB-Newbie

    hey everyone hows it going. just graduated high school this year and finally blew the bank and bought my first car. 2002 TB I-6. bone stock. just looking for a few tips and suggestions on mods that wont break the bank. thanks alot. its a high miler but hey it beats the hell outta my friends...
  16. First Post- 2003 TB EXT

    Hey, Bought my first Trailblazer two weeks ago, Dark Gray 2003 EXT w/98,000 on it :) So far I love it. Have had some issues with the water boiling in the overflow tank, hopefully have fixed that with a new radiator cap :) I also have the engine wine I have seen several others post about...