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  1. OEM Issues
    Hello everyone. First time post here, so I hope I put it in the right spot. Over the weekend, realized my shifter had been a little "loosey goosey". Before I had time to fully inspect, I put the truck in park and afterwards couldn't get the shifter to move. After some struggles, I found the...
  2. General
    02 Envoy SLE I've recently purchased an 02 Envoy from an auction. There are a couple of issues. The main one started last night. While at the store I put the truck in park and turn off the ignition. The ignition will not go into the lock position. I messed with the key and go it to turn off...
  3. General
    Im in the process of replacing my "neutral safety switch" and I have the 2 screws out aswell as the 2 connectors. But I still cant take off the switch, It keep hitting the driveshaft. Can someone help me out? Maybe im missing something *Ps, I used the search before I made this post*
1-3 of 3 Results