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  1. Mobile Radio Install (Remote Head)

    Emergency Equipment
    Ok, so in addition to the warning lights I was installing in my TB, I installed a Motorola CDM 1550 LS+ with Remote Head kit. Pics were taking in the middle of the night to post, so a little low light, I will get some better pictures during the daytime! Remote Head was mounted under the dash...
  2. Was this a scam??

    Everything Off-Topic
    Didn't really know where to post this, so I stuck it here. Sorry for the long-winded post. So, to start this off, I have some moderate body damage to my Envoy, involving a large dent on the rear right side, fender damage preventing the door from opening all the way, and the bumper is hanging...
  3. Calling ALL iPhone Users

    Everything Off-Topic
    I'm curious to see how many of our members are owners of the iPhone... CHECK IN!! :thumbsup: