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  1. General
    I have an increasingly bad problem with the "automatic" side mirrors on my 2007 Saab 97x. As the vehicle "adjusts" to the whichever key is being used, it is supposed to move the mirrors / seat / peals / etc. to either position 1 or 2. However, what happens is that EVERY TIME it keeps moving...
  2. General
    I know this issue has been discussed at length but my concern is slightly different. I will explain what I intend to do and I'd appreciate if I get feedback from the knowledgeable on this board... I have a broken o/s mirror on passenger side so I have to replace it. I'd like to install power...
  3. Introductions
    Hi -- Ralph here -- stock Bravada AWD 130kmiles xcellent ---issues have been a few 1--AWD transfer case encoder motor locked up replaced (twice so far) 2--memory mirrors and backup settings went haywire and GM attempts to fix failed 5-times under warranty... they wore me down and it's still a...
1-3 of 3 Results