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  1. Eastern Canada
    Greets peeps! Let's start planning 2012! Post your ideas here and let's try to improve participation! :tiphat
  2. Southeast
    :tiphat I know most of the meets we have tend to be in the Tampa Bay area which makes it a haul for a lot of the other members in the state. Since Juan (BoriquaSS) will be in town visiting family and is free on Friday, I thought I'd post this up as a feeler to see who'd be down to hang, and...
  3. Chapter Discussion
    Hey guys. Today me and Bob went over our Chapter member list to find those who have not made it out to one meet this year as required. Here are some quick stats: members - 58 un-attendees - 23 military guys/ very new guys who are exempt - 5 It's a bummer that each and every one of the guys...
  4. Off-Road
    Alright guys, by now you've probably read the TECORE planning thread (found here), but if not, I created a website that will house the latest details about the event: The site will stay up to date with maps (as they are made/found), resources, times, and the overall...
1-4 of 5 Results