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  1. General
    This is the day i've regretted for a long time. It seems that my transmission is toast, and for a car with just over 135k, I am pretty disappointed. But, this may be an opportunity! I drive a 2003 TrailBlazer LTZ, 4.2l, 4x4. I've done some looking, and it appears that the engines in the...
  2. Transmission Mods
    Hey all, I have a for all intents and purposes* stock 2006 Envoy I6, 4wd. It was not always mine, but to my knowledge, the transmission fluid was never changed, and it's got around 185K miles. Knowing the tranny is living on borrowed time, could it be swapped out with something like a T56...
  3. Transmission Mods
    Has anyone ever converted one of these to a manual transmission? if so how?
1-3 of 3 Results