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  1. OEM Issues
    Hey guys I have an 06 ls 4.2l v6 that just passed 100k. I have my smog check coming up so I decided to give it a simple tune up. Car has been running fine so today I cleaned the TB entirely, swapped out all new spark plugs (disconnected battery throughout all this), cleaned and oiled K&N filter...
  2. General
    Howdy all, Thought I'd jump right in here finally w/my first post and talk codes. Last week P0171 & 0131 popped up on the scanner for MAF & O2 sensors, respectively, I believe. Was wondering if there tends to be any relation between the two, ie, deal w/one first and that may take care of the...
  3. South
    I need to know the location of the MAF in this model, it isn't on the top of the intake near the MAP, and it is not in the ducting between the airfilter and throtle body from what i can find. Help!
1-3 of 3 Results