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lsx swap

  1. Frame differences between I6 and v8 swb?

    Frame differences between I6 and v8 swb? As far as I know all gmt360's utilize the same frame...Essentially just different motor mounts to position the v8 closer to the firewall.... I am curious If I grabbed a set of motor mounts from a 5.3 Rainier If it would position an lsx motor in the...
  2. Difference between afm and non afm 5.3 motors for i6 to v8 swap?

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    I'm pretty curious about the difference between the afm/ non afm dod 5.3 v8 engines in the trailvoys? Which would require less wiring modification in my I6 Bravada? I'm assuming that the non afm 5.3 will make for an easier swap???? Would the afm motor require much more wiring mods than the...
  3. ls1 or truck lsx motor swap?

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Anybody ever thought of doing an ls1 or lsx truck motor swap???? Don't tell me I'm a crazed lunatic......Yes that's me,,,, I want ls1/x power.......Soo what..... I'm thinking a custom wiring harness or maybe even a painless setup..... What you guys think????, I can most likely use oem 5.3...
  4. Do the 5.3's have intergrated tcms/pcm's?

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Do the 5.3's have intergrated tcms/pcm's?........... Questioning possible turbo 5.3 build...... Need to know if the tcm/pcm are regulated together or seperately.... On guys that use the truck 5.3's say it should make for an easier swap due to the 5.3 came in the...