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  1. Spare Tire Lowering Wrench?

    Hello everyone new guy here, well at least to posting I usually just lurk around the forums, needed help with a small problem I have. My dad purchased a used 2003 Trailblazer EXT recently that did not come with the "lowering wrench" (is that what it is called?) for the spare tire nor the jack...
  2. 05 TB lowering??? NEED HELP WITH QUESTIONS

    Hey guys i have an 05 tb ls with 4wd and i already have the eibach pro kit lowering springs on it and i am looking to go about another inch lower, i have 22's on and have checked the clearance and the other inch is about all i can do, does anyone know if i pick up a set of ss springs will it be...
  3. NEED help lowering tb please!

  4. Would this kit work for my TB ??

    Looking to get this kit for my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer LT 6cyl. 4.2L This is the link: Please help I want to order these next week and just wanted to make sure this is all i needed to get and that it would work for my car? I apreciate it. Taylor
  5. Chicago (aurora) shops

    Chi-town members, Any place i can take my Envoy to get it dropped. Im looking for the DJM 2/4 kit. If u have any recommendations or other suggestions please feel free to let me know. or PM me :thx
  6. Sick of the poor ride- went back up!

    This will make Roadie happy. :laugh: Almost exactly 1 year ago I lowered my TB about 2" using rear ground force w/air lift and front TBSS struts/springs. It looked good but rode like sh*t. I felt like cheech bouncing down the road in my lowrider and it wasn't really that low. Before lowering...
  7. how low before upper control arm issues

    So I just bought a set of springs and struts for my 05 xl denali 4wd. My question is how much can i lower this before I have to worry about angle issues affecting my balljoints and tire wear. I will be having an alighnment done right after I install it to correct as much as posible...
  8. Lowering My 2004 EXT

    Ok, so I'm looking to drop the truck. I've been searching through the forums and can't seem to find much that helps about the EXT being lowered. It seems like everyone likes the Belltech kits (the 2"/3" seems to be the most popular) Does lowering it screw anything up as far as the 4WD goes...
  9. SS shocks with groundforce springs

    I have a 2003 TB lt 4X4...Im curious to know if using SS shocks all the way around and Groundforce 1.3/3 drop kit will work for me...If anyone has done this setup pics would be great...Thanks