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low beams

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  1. General
    I know this issue may have been addressed but I am unable to find a fix in the forums I have read so far. My issue while similar seems to be unique and unanswered at this time. I will list the issue development and the steps I have taken so far below. Sorry if this is too long but hoping the...
  2. General
    Okay, female here :) Hubby bought a 2004 trailblazer LS from a dealer the other day and when we got it home that night and were playing with it and all that we realized that while our highbeams come on, when flicking the Auto/Manual lowbeam switch all that comes on are the little yellow lights...
  3. The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    My 02 Trailblazer LS lost low beams last week, right after jump starting a guy with my car running. High beams are good. I checked underhood low beam fuses 3+6, swapped relays 45+46 (even tried a new one) and checked all the fuses in driver side 2nd row underseat fuse block: 4, 7, 32, 40, 50...
  4. General
    HI can somebody please help me. 2 Days ago i was driving home from my mothers and all the sudden the low beam headlights went out. High beams worked and fog, but no low beams. Some good guys came to my help. we checked every fuse available.. nothing turn on and off.. nothing. One guy told me...
  5. Exterior
    The low beam headlights just randomly shut off sometimes and will not turn back on. After the truck has sat a little while, they work again. This started about 6 months ago and they are starting to go out more frequently. Any Ideas?
  6. Audio and Electronics
    2004 Envoy XL SLT, has daytime running lights with daylight sensor in dash. Just yesterday, both the low beams quit working. Parking lights & Hi beams are fine. I searched here. Swapped the lo beam 10A lamp fuses with hi beam fuses and the fuses are ok. Swapped relay 45-FAN and 46-HDM...
  7. Exterior
    I have a '04 Envoy that both driver and passenger sides headlights are out. It's not the bulbs, i replaced both of them. i checked the fuse and the fuse is fine, so i tested the wiring of the connector of the headlamp, and on both sides passenger and driver, i'm getting a short with all of the...
1-7 of 8 Results