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  1. Turn Signal Corners - Broken Wires

    I changed my headlight bulbs the other night, and in the midst of the cold weather and working in the dark, I got frustrated and wasn't extra careful as I pulled the headlight assemblies and reinstalled them, and I accidentally broke the wires running to the corner lights. I tried putting them...
  2. brake light came on when i was driving

    tonight i was driving to pittburgh, same trip i make every weekend and all of the sudden the BRAKE light came on on my dash. i was just driving not even using the brakes. at first the light blinked then about 15 minutes later when i actually came to a stop at an intersection it came on solid...
  3. HeadLights, Mods, Age and choices?

    As I've said before, this forum is amazing and deserves an award for helping everyone. I've been reading about 'headlight' modifications and I have some questions (I've done a lot of searching so some of these ??s will be asking for just opinions) about choices and especially for night issues...
  4. Light up your wheels

    Anybody out there have any luck with "lighting up" their wheels at night? I see there are LED bars that you can put in the fender well, but has anyone come up with a sweet way to really light them up? I really want to do white lights, but i dont want it to be tacky like under body kits and...
  5. Window switches illumination passager doors

    Hello, I have a 2008 trailblazer ss 3ss with nav. I recently had the GM dealer in Columbia, IL replace the driver side widow switch cluster. The front window switches would not illuminatie. I never really noticed if the passager door or rear passager doors would illuminate as well. I called a...
  6. dumb light question

    i have a 2002 trailblazer ls do they run 9005 lights or 9006 lights sorry im a noob lol thx
  7. Just Bought my Trailblazer (A Couple of questions)

    OEM Issues
    Hey all, Just bought a 07 Trailblazer LT. First off, it does have the backup sensors on it. If I enable the permitor lighting, when I to unlock it the lights turn on including the backup lights. When I walk around to my trunk the car starts beeping like something is behind it, but its in park...
  8. Reverse Lights

    I noticed that I was collecting water inside my reverse lights (both sides), has anybody else have the same issue. I did remove them, drained the water and let’s see what happens. I am not sure if it is the "rubber gasket" or a serious case of condensation.
  9. various accessory button backlights failing

    Anyone else having random lights around the accessories failing? So far, I've lost three backlights on the AC controls and one of the lights on a button on my steering wheel. I'd hate to have to disassemble the console and steering to replace miniature lights! They don't seem to be on the...
  10. Headlight problems with 2004 Trailblazer

    OEM Issues
    I have an 04 Trailblazer LS, 4.2L 4WD. Around September 2004, I replaced the stock headlights with Sylvania Silverstar bulbs... Ever since then, every 4-6 months one of my headlights burns out. Then within 2-4 weeks later, the other side burns out. I've spent $300-$400 on headlights...
  11. Two lights gone - coincidence?

    Audio and Electronics
    Hello all! This morning I noticed that both the rear passenger brake light, and rear passenger reverse light have stopped working on my Envoy (2003, SLT). Do you think this is a coincidence and I just need to change the bulbs, or do these two lights share some wiring or a fuse which may be the...
  12. Tail lights

    Hey, Ive got an 07 Black TB and im undecided if i want to black out my tail lights I have looked through the galleries and I can not find a pic of a black 1 with smoked tail lights. Does anyone have a picture of 1 or no where i can find 1. And what are your opinions on this Thank you
  13. Lights

    I just recently added some blue low beams to my 2007 tb and i have noticed that there are not nearly as bright as my other OEM lights. I have ordered some other lights that claim to look blue but when I install them they are white. Does anyone no if this is just a problem with the blue tint...
  14. Interior push lights are all on...but very dim...any ideas?

    Hello all, I'm fairly new here to the site, only been a member for a few months. I signed up while researching the jet engine noise the Envoy was making...which as you all know was the fan clutch! Anyway last Monday I went out to get in to drive to work to find that the battery was dead. Not...
  15. Night lights

    Night lights

    Lit up at night
  16. New Pic

    New Pic

    Took this out by my apt. after hooking up the lights
  17. Eight Beam setup

    Eight Beam setup

    More pics here- Custom eight beam setup. See more pics and info in this thread