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  1. General
    I've got a very mature (195K mi.) '03 TB LT EXT. Still working reasonably well but I just noticed that the instrument cluster lighting has failed. The instruments are working just fine as is the data panel (mileage, etc.). Checked the dimmer switch and it is turned up full. Consulted the...
  2. Exterior
    I have 3 vehicles and I am looking to go LED bulbs in all three All the way around, inside and out. The first is a 2006 Trailblazer SS. I have been reading and reading and reading some more, and I am confused about what exactly I am needing for the turn signals... I am going to get LED tail...
  3. Interior
    I'm thinking of putting green leds to light the interior of my blazer but Im indecisive of going that route or going with just the bright white leds and I'm thinking green because my blazer is green and I painted the calipers neon green what do you guys think? Thanks for any input also what site...
  4. Introductions
    Hey, name is Thom. Been reading the forums for a while now and decided to get into posting. Got an 04 Rainier recently...has a little qtr damage and needs some repair. Needs new bumper cover and tailights. Anybody have any suggestions on some upgrades to do at this stage?? Am into any new ideas...
  5. Exterior
    I have a 03 envoy and have been having problems finding decent sites for accessories most i find lump the envoy in with trucks. I prefer being able to find vehicle specific parts. Anyone have a good expierece buying a brush guard, third brake lights and accessories and what site did you get...
  6. NIGHT

    Halo headlights Xenon foglights
  7. old dash and Interior at Night

    My dash/spedometer I made blue with white needles, my GlowShift gauges on my pillar (top down are vacuum, Wideband o2/ air fuel, oil temp) my sony xplod stereo head unit, toggle switches for my HID fog lights, my blue Halos, then my glove box GlowShift gauges I designed to fit (Lt to Rt are tra
  8. Introductions
    I just registered for the site and am looking forward to making good connections to talk trailblazers with. I'm in Whitby Ontario, or Toronto for those not familiar with the GTA, or Ontario or Canada for that matter. I just got a used 2004 TrailBlazer LT, its blue and I am loving it. It came...
  9. General
    I need help from the ground up.:confused: I have an 04 Trailblazer LS and I really want HIDs. But i have no clue where to start or what to do. I would really love to have a full list of part, everything i will need. Try not to leave anything out ;) haha. Thank You. Also if there is a...
  10. Interior
    Hello, I have a 2008 trailblazer ss 3ss with nav. I recently had the GM dealer in Columbia, IL replace the driver side widow switch cluster. The front window switches would not illuminatie. I never really noticed if the passager door or rear passager doors would illuminate as well. I called a...
  11. Interior
    Hi, I noticed the other day that my lighting switch to turn on the lights and all that good stuff wasnt lighting up with the backlight. I was looking at it and noticed that one of the plugs that go into the back of it didnt have any male pins. Could this be why? I have some pics below.
  12. General
    I was stupid, and while changing out the interior lights that come on automatically when the door is opened, I got a spark and poof! They no longer work. Everything else works, in fact I can push the light to toggle it and it still work, but nothing when I open the door or unlock/lock the...
1-12 of 12 Results