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  1. Suspension
    Hey everyone I'm new to this site and to the trailblazer world just bought one 2 weeks ago. Anyway looking to lift it because I do a lot of hunting and just want to get her off the ground a bit more. Question is (and maybe this should be for Mark? cause he looks to be the guy) looking at...
  2. Suspension
    Hey all, I've been driving my Envoy as is for a few months now, and it's about that time where I start to make some needed changes. A lift is a must in my mind, but being a young'n I don't no too much about what exactly I need. I know i need a lift kit, and I'm gonna want some new tire, but...
  3. Suspension
    jusstt wanna see whose out there that got lifted voys to get a good look at it before i do it myself! I wanna make sure it looks good before I make my final decision =]
1-3 of 3 Results