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  1. Off-Road
    I took my '02 Envoy XL on the beach and it does not have nearly enough ride high to clear all the ruts. I want to keep the stock wheels/tires and don't want to need a step stool to get into it after the lift. I tow with this truck and I don't want to mess up the highway ride. I'm also...
  2. Suspension
    Hey everyone I'm new to this site and to the trailblazer world just bought one 2 weeks ago. Anyway looking to lift it because I do a lot of hunting and just want to get her off the ground a bit more. Question is (and maybe this should be for Mark? cause he looks to be the guy) looking at...
  3. Suspension
    Hello I'm new to trailvoy. I have a 08 trailblazer LS that is black. It has a bug guard and rain guards on driver and passenger windows. I wanted to put mud tires on it to give it a rough look but I wasn't sure if I needed to lift it or if I could just use a leveling kit. Also, do leveling...
1-3 of 3 Results