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  1. Problems with Keyless Entry and possibly Wipers

    OEM Issues
    I'm a newbie to the thread so bare with me aha. I have a 2003 trailblazer ls. everything works pretty good on it. Only issues i'm having are the RKE system and the rear wiper. I attempted to program a GM OEM key fob but when i put the car in programming mode, it cycles once (lock, unlock) and...
  2. Also adding home link and RKE w/ new LGM

    Audio and Electronics
    Hello, i am aslo wanting to add home link and RKE, i was able to get a map light assm w/home link and a LGM from a wreck Envoy over the weekend and want to install it in my 06 Ascender, it has the small set of lights in the headliner, so other than cutting a hole in the headliner and putting the...