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  1. Off-Road
    So I just recently got a 04 ext ls 4x4 trailblazer. I had an 04 LT 4x2 trailblazer before someone totalled it. So it's going to need new tires soon, so I'm thinking about putting on a level. I have been seeing the mofab, 3"front, 2" rear, leveling kit on Amazon and such other places. I'm just...
  2. Suspension
    Today I threw on some two inch spacers for my wheels. Now, when I turn, my wheels run agains the wheel well and a bolt too. Im also getting a pop sound but i’m assuming it’s because of the wheel going past the bolt in the wheel well. I’m in need of suggestions of kits to fix this issue. Thank...
  3. Suspension
    Alright guys I have just but some 22inch rims and i was wondering if there is any way to level out the backed sobits the same hight as the front end? Any info helps thanks
  4. Suspension
    Hello I'm new to trailvoy. I have a 08 trailblazer LS that is black. It has a bug guard and rain guards on driver and passenger windows. I wanted to put mud tires on it to give it a rough look but I wasn't sure if I needed to lift it or if I could just use a leveling kit. Also, do leveling...
  5. Off-Road
    I need opinions on a good leveling kit for my TB.Also I would like one that could work with a suspension lift later on.
1-5 of 5 Results