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  1. Exterior
    So I recently ordered every bulb possible before ripping apart the dash to be converted to LED's instead of the regular bulbs. I noticed people had been talking about flasher relays and other bulbs causing instances where the fuses could blow. I decided I'd be that person who doesn't take that...
  2. Interior Where can i buy these LEDs? Is there anywhere else maybe a little bit cheaper?
  3. Interior
    OK, I've read up on quite a bit of goodies that everyone has done, it's about time I got my hands dirty and did some mods of my own. Earlier this week I ordered one BLUE M-SMT 20 LED dome light and six BLUE 11 SMT dome lights. :D Last night I installed them, and took some before, after, and...
  4. Interior
    I ordered some LED lights from V-LEDs back in February and did not order any extras (my mistake). One of the four 194s did not want to work, but I kept playing with it and it finally lit up. Lately it's been only working about half the time and flickering much of the time when it was on. I...
1-4 of 4 Results