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  1. Air Induction
    K&N offers two different cold air intakes for my 2005 LT with a Vortec 4.2L I6. One option is polished aluminum (77-3036) and the other is a black plastic material (55-3036). Which one is the best for my Trailblazer to reach better horsepower and sound? (with a later resonator delete and Y-Piped...
  2. Air Induction
    Which one of those two company's has best performance and is the loudest ?
  3. Air Induction
    I've search thru a lot of the cai threads but didn't have any luck.i installed the K&N 77 CAI but the instructions say to cut the 1 1/4in. hole IF my vehicle has air injection and i don't know if my 2002 LS trailblazer does or the threads i found about the air injection it looks like the...
  4. My Denali

    K&N air intake
  5. Exhaust Mods
    So last week i cut off the Resonater, Hallowed out my Air Box and put in a K&N air filter in, Couldnt be happier with those decisions... And today i Finished the job. I bought a Flowmaster Super44 3" inlet and outlets, Welded the stock 2.75" inside of the muffler, and WOW the sound is so much...
  6. 77 Series K&N

    My 77 series K&N
  7. 77 Series K&N

    Just another angle, highly recommend you get the filter sock, it will save time getting the bugs out of the filter
  8. K&N 57Series FIPK

    More pics- Not shown in this picture are the two "mods" needed to install the FIPK correctly. Note, these were NOT mentioned in the instructions. 1. Drilling a hole, installing a grommet, and using extra hose to extend the crankcase breather hose an
1-8 of 9 Results