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keyless remote

  1. Keyless entry issues

    Hey guys I just found this forum and I'm glad to be here. I've been a chevy woman since I was 16. My dad and I rebuilt an 81 scottsdale 10 together and I was hooked. I've got a 06 trailblazer that I love. I however don't love the keyless entry system atm. I've checked all the fuses and they are...
  2. 07 Envoy Rear liftgate

    I have a 2007 envoy. My rear lift gate works on and off. Currently it will not open, my rear windshield wiper does not work, my rear defrost does not work and my keyless entry does not work. I also have no dome lights. I forgot to add that my tire pressure light is always on, even though the...
  3. hi have a few questions about 2002 trailblazer

    I just bought a 2002 trailblazzer. It didn't come with the alarm system and it didn't have a keyless entery remote. I have bought a remote from ebay but the program didn't work right. When you do to set the code the door locks do their thing sounds like it will work but after doing all the steps...