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  1. Air Induction
    Hello everyone! This should be my first post (other than my introduction). I've been experiencing an RPM issue after accelerating from a stop (sometimes almost stalls). It also has low RPM when I roll up my windows at a complete stop. I have already cleaned both sides of the throttle body and...
  2. General
    I was working in my garage and glanced over at the Envoy. To my surprise, there was a gaping hole in the side front bumper where the cornering light used to be! I crawled underneath, and there it was, lens and all, dangling from the electrical leads. It looks as if one side snapped (broke) out...
  3. General
    Or is it something else. Here's the deal, I have been having issues with my front wipers since I had my windshield replaced a while back. It was in December I think, Safelite did a crappy job reinstalling the rain sensor and it has never worked right since then. Here's what's going on. One day...
1-3 of 3 Results