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  1. Ipod -> Stock Stereo Integration

    Audio and Electronics
    After looking for a while I came across the USA-SPEC PA15-GM, which I've found to be the easiest converter to work with (click below link for more info). How it works: It connects to your XM receiver behind your glovebox and gives...
  2. iSimple Gateway for iPod/iPhone connector?

    Thanks in advance... Has anyone used an iSimple Gateway - ISGM575 model for iPod/iPhone connector? I've got a 2007 TB, non-Bose radio. I don't use XM, so am wanting to hookup the iSimple to that. My questions are: anyone know if this is compatable? (i do have the 'band' button, but not...
  3. Help finding a better OEM radio for my 2003 Trailblazer

    Audio and Electronics
    Hi, I have a 2003 Trailblazer EXT LT with CD/Casette radio, non-bose. I do not have rear video entertainment, but I do have the package with steering wheel buttons and the rear audio and AC controls. I also have onstar. I want to switch out my OEM radio for a better OEM radio that is either...
  4. Iphone Adapter

    Audio and Electronics
    does anyone use an "isimple tranzit" ipod/iphone kit for factory stereo? if so how does it work and how easy is it to install? i attached a link of the one im looking at. any feedback would be great! Thanks...
  5. 2005 Trailblazer LT Bose w\CD Changer

    Audio and Electronics
    Is there an auxiliary port in the rear of this beast? (Iphone\Ipod adapter Connect) I used to know of a diagram somewhere but I can't seem to get my hands on it now. This truck is loaded, I can't believe it didn't come with a MP3 port. Any tips are much appreciated.
  6. Will this work on my factory stereo?

    Audio and Electronics or any suggestion? I want to play music from my ipod.....
  7. New Stereo Stuff Installed!

    Audio and Electronics
    I was going to wait to post a thread once everything else was finished too but changed my mind. Bluetooth via Parrot, Kenwood head unit with Bluetooth sync, USB sync w/ live iPod controls (takes over any iPod or like device, including flash drives and HDs, when when plugged in with full...
  8. RCA into 2002 Trailblazer LTZ

    Audio and Electronics
    hi all, I have a question that i would like to hear others opinions before i go out and break something, or spend money on something that wont work. First of all here are the Specs: 2002 Trailblazer LTZ Bose Radio 6 CD changer Onstar back seat radio controls (not sure what it is called)...
  9. Isimple....sort of works?

    Audio and Electronics
    Hey guys, After much internal debate I decided to go with ipod connectivity over Sat. Radio because I know all the music on my ipod, and best of all no commercials. I bought the GM specific Isimple and connected it up. Easy install, but as the title reads it only sort of works. I can play my...
  10. 2002 gmc envoy slt --- ipod 2 car heelllp

    I Have 2002 gmc envoy slt with bose 6cd disc changer. this is stock radio that came with the car. I have FM Modulator for ipod but too much static.... Is there a direct ipod connection that will go straight to back of radio. I've heard that PEripheral might work but i'd like to double check...
  11. use onstar wireing for ipod

    Audio and Electronics
    Hey everyone, heres a new aux input idea i have onstar on my 03 tb LTZ, i want to keep my stock HU because of steering wheel controls, and it isnt the XM, or MP3 or changer version. and ill never use my onstar, so i was wondering if i could splice a cable into- lets say the signal comming out...
  12. clean cassette deck?

    Audio and Electronics
    Hey everyone, so i never use the AM/FM radio or CD player i just play my ipod through a cassette tape adapter, and yeah its been saying clean on it for awhile now, and the tape is making noises while its in the deck, and recently i started to hear sounds like a blew a speaker (some small...
  13. Isimple installed on my SS

    Audio and Electronics
    Sooo i bit the bullet and bought the Isimple today. I quickly headed to my shop and installed it. Amazing. If you have an Ipod, and want digital quality music coming out of your speakers, then this is the way to go! I recommend it to anyone! It took about an hour to complete the install, but...
  14. iPod Connector

    iPod Connector