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  1. 4x4 Drivetrain
    Hi all, I have a 2004 Buick Rainier 4.2L CXL that has AWD, and it looks like there is some problem with the front differential or maybe the intermediate shaft or something else in that area. After putting the car up in the air on a lift so that all 4 tires are off the ground, the front...
  2. 4x4 Drivetrain
    Hi, I'm woring on my '02 Envoy XL 4.2 4x4. I am having that squeaking noise at low to medium speeds when the truck is hot. I was told that the seal on the CV axle was worn, and needed replacement. I went to GM, got the part, took it all apart only to find that they gave me the wrong part...
1-2 of 2 Results