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  1. [SOLVED] Intake Manifold Removal '05 TB

    OEM Issues
    Intake Manifold Removal Help '05 TB I have an 05 TB 4.2L I6. Was throwing the PO303 code, compression test showed cylinder three had none. Went through the instructions in the Haynes manual to remove the intake manifold, but that dang thing wont wiggle out. I know that I dont need to remove it...
  2. K&N or Volant kit?

    Air Induction
    Which one of those two company's has best performance and is the loudest ?
  3. My Denali

    My Denali

    K&N air intake
  4. Multiple Upgrades!!!lift tires shocks brushguard tail lights K&N

    I haven't posted in a little while and this is what i have done in that time I have put on Maxx lift 2" front 2.5" back Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 2 265/65R-17 Bilstein front and back shocks LED taillights WAAG brushguard (thanks to Mario) K&N Intake Please take a peek.. cell phone pics...
  5. [SOLVED] Rough Idle P0306

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    First I would like to thank everyone that makes this site possible-it is invaluable! I had a code p0306 #6 cylinder misfire at 75k miles, no mods, regular maintenance. It had a rough idle but performed good above idle. I put in new plugs and swapped coil packs but still had a miss at idle with...
  6. Custom Air Intake (Part 1)

    Air Induction
    So this past weekend I set out to make a custom intake after much thought and planning I came up with the least intrusive and least expensive option. So then I headed to Lowe's to purchase the parts. (Parts List Below) I have a MAF so I decided it would be smart to not mess with the honeycomb...
  7. Air Pump Check Valves

    OEM Issues
    Does anyone know where on an 2004 TB 4.2 ls 4wd the Air Pump is located? Is it powered by the belt? My car is failing DEQ tests because of a P0410 Code - "Secondary Air Injection System Malfunction" ... I read about that code and it says that 90% of the time when that code is set the CHECK...
  8. DEQ Fail - Secondary Air Injection System Malfunction

    I'm not really sure where to post this so I will try it here. I live in Portland, Oregon and I have to renew my tags, previously I had a different mailing address listed on my registration and I've never had to pass a DEQ inspection due to the county my mailing address was in. So this...
  9. Volant Intake

    Volant Intake

  10. Homemade CAI problem...

    Air Induction
    Ok so I found a quick little bolt on re-chargeable air filter for my TB, and the only issue I had to resolve was the large hole on top of the intake tube (I used all the stock air tubes, just basically removed the box that sat on top the washer fluid). In order to cover this large hole, I found...
  11. Just installed an Airaid

    Air Induction
    Hey guys...I just bought an Airaid and installed it on my '07 TBSS...just wanted to let everyone who is debating what intake to buy to really consider an Airaid...I went to the track a few weeks ago and was running 8.7's (1/8 mile) with stock intake...I'm going back to the track this weekend to...