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  1. 2008 Envoy Radio Install.

    Audio and Electronics
    Hey all, I was looking through some of the post as well as googling trying to find a wire diagram for the radio in a 2008 Envoy (no onstar, no bose, and no steering wheel control) with no luck. I'm using a Metra 70-2003 wiring harness because I don't feel like paying 70-100$ just to hear the...
  2. [SOLVED] [NOT SOLVED] Rear Wind Deflector install help...

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    Hey, everyone! I just purchased an otherwise brand-new, in box, OEM Rear Wind Deflector for my '05 Envoy Denali from another member of this site. This is the original model (Part #12497618), not the redesigned, 'cut-out' model. It has never been used (was bought new from the dealership back in...
  3. JVC kw-avx810 installation on GMC Envoy 2003

    Audio and Electronics
    I just bought jvc kw-avx810 online and want to install it in GMC Envoy 2003 with existing Bose Radio with AMP and onstar. I just bought the basic wiring harness to connect wires but i am bit confused . as the OEM radio has 2 sockets in the back and the harness that i bought has just 1 12or14...
  4. Best HID kit and some questions about them

    Audio and Electronics
    Looking for a recommendation for an HID kit for my 06 LS TB. Preferably under $150. Whats better 35W or 55W? How difficult was it for you to install them and should I use a relay? All answers much appreciated. :thx
  5. Amp Install

    Audio and Electronics
    I just bought my 03 envoy and want to hook up my amp and subs to the factory radio. I just need to know what wire to splice my remote wire into?
  6. NEW SITE ! T&T Audio ~ Check it out

    Audio and Electronics We finally got our site done. Please visit it and dont forget to check out the store. We are located in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Let us know what you guys think. Thank you I really apreciate it. If you have any problems with the store just email me on the contact...
  7. Having trouble with a purchased exhaust

    Exhaust Mods
    hello all, mayb some of you have read my post in the past dealing with the same issues but i had bought a borla exhaust, (dual. cat-back), for my tblaze ls. but it did not come with the parts to install it on my truck, (my truck comes with a single exhaust stock therefore i do not have and...
  8. Cant get the rear cargo light cover off

    :confused:What's up everyone:confused: I know this is probably really stupid but I'm changing the interior lights to the white LEDs in my 06' Trailblazer SS and I cant get the rear cargo light cover off. I got the front and the middle off pretty easily, but I'm really having trouble with the...
  9. Installing a complete system and need some info

    Audio and Electronics
    Hello I have almost everything ready to replace the factory equipment, but need some details about the dash tweeters. Does anyone know how to replace the dash tweeters? is it worth it at the first place? This is what i got so far: Dynamat 36sq ft (to cover all the doors) Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD...
  10. My SWEET Sub Setup

    So I got all this stuff about 2 weeks ago and had it installed about 2 days after I got it. Just today I finished putting the capacitor in and cleaning up all the wires. The whole setup cost me no more than $240 end to end. A lot of my buddies have sub setups too and let me tell you this one...
  11. Aftermarket Stereo Questions? 04TB

    Audio and Electronics
    I just bought a very nice looking 04 Trailblazer LS. In my other vehicle I had a perfect setup for playing/charging my iPhone. It was a Kenwood head unit with a USB port on the front for playing/charging. I looked into the process of installing an aftermarket stereo in the TB, and it looks very...