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  1. [SOLVED] [Not solved] Back up camera install

    The 02-09 "How-To" and DIY Section
    I haven't purchased the back up camera, yet, so product suggestions are welcomed (if permitted...if not, please let me know what to look for). I'm terrible with backing up. I am always afraid I'm going to run into a car...or person. I'd like to mount a camera on the back, but I'd like to know...
  2. need help on double din install

    Audio and Electronics
    okay i got a pioneer double din i have in a 06 ls tb i had it installed by a audio company....out of town. so my ride brokedown and i had it checked out at the chevy house and they told me that the radio (red wire) was ran to my fuse block and it shorted out the was connected to...
  3. [SOLVED] HID Fog Issues

    Got my HID 6k Fog kit from vvme yesterday so I immediately went to install them. Had some issues getting the bulbs to fit tightly in the fog housing but all is good. Turned the power on and snapped this pic: Later that evening, i went to take it for a ride to try them out and the driver's...
  4. New deck install. Can't change settings.

    Audio and Electronics
    I recently installed a new deck in my envoy. Everything seems to be working fine except I can't change any of my settings except for my audio settings. I should be able to change my color scheme, time, date etc. My deck is the alpine ixa-w404. I don't have on-star or a Bose system. I have NOT...
  5. New Pioneer Radio Installation

    Audio and Electronics
    My first post on a new forum, however i am not a stranger to forums nor search functions so BEFORE the flaming begins, I HAVE SEARCHED! :) I bought a Pioneer AVH-P3200BT headunit which had touchscreen, DVD, etc. Ive only owned the truck for about 2 months so I don't know ALOT about what I...
  6. Best HID kit and some questions about them

    Audio and Electronics
    Looking for a recommendation for an HID kit for my 06 LS TB. Preferably under $150. Whats better 35W or 55W? How difficult was it for you to install them and should I use a relay? All answers much appreciated. :thx
  7. Audiovox Prestige Aps620n Remote Start Install - Won't crank

    I removed an old Audiovox keyless entry system and installed a Audiovox Prestige Aps620n remote start/keyless entry system. I reused the old Passlock II bypass module for the locks, but didn't have wiring diagram for it, so I bought a cheap Bulldog Security remote start (RS) bypass from Checker...
  8. subwoofer install questions

    Audio and Electronics
    I've had my Trailbazer for a few months and in my opinion it's definitely the best vehicle I've driven. I really enjoy my music but don't really have much money to spend on an after-market system. I figured that I could start with a fairly decent sub but I really didn't want to spend more than...
  9. Head unit size

    Audio and Electronics
    Is the Radio deck size a 1.5 DIN or a 2 DIN In a 2004 Trailblazer? Any help is appreciated!:thumbsup:
  10. CB Radio

    Audio and Electronics
    I'm looking to install a CB radio on my trailblazer. I was looking for suggestions on where to mount the antenna. I'm looking to use an antenna that is semi-permanent and does not require any drilling into the body or roof to mount it. In addition, where are possible locations to mount the...
  11. Gotta be safe!

    Gotta be safe!

    This is my 100amp fuse block.
  12. Question about adding G80

    Transmission Mods
    Can you install a G80 locker in a rear differential that doesn't have one without getting a whole new rear end? I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to the actual mechanics of it...
  13. Cornering Light issue. Suggestions?

    I was working in my garage and glanced over at the Envoy. To my surprise, there was a gaping hole in the side front bumper where the cornering light used to be! I crawled underneath, and there it was, lens and all, dangling from the electrical leads. It looks as if one side snapped (broke) out...
  14. Special: Free Install September '09 all Trucks/SUV's

    We are running a promotion for the month of September. If you are in or around the Cleveland area. Free Install for Trucks/SUV's! Stainless Works is offering a free installation program to customers in or around the Northeast Ohio area. These customers must purchase a Stainless Works...
  15. Magnaflow Dual Exhaust installed (pics)

    Exhaust Mods
    So there was talk about the install in the Tampa 2009 thread and the pic thread that resulted from it, it has been done and was a great success. Sorry it took a couple extra days to get the pics up. Without further delay, heres the pics! Parts laid out: Custom Car Jack, We connected my dad's...
  16. Help with wiring using adapter

    Audio and Electronics
    Hello First of all, I installed only one stereo in my life, about 10 years ago... cassette stereo :D, which was straight forward. The GM stereo/system making it much harder than it should be, now lost and confused with all the wires and which adapter to use. I've been trying all day to find a...
  17. Grommet question

    Audio and Electronics
    I have an 02 TB LTZ I'm wanting to wire up a ham radio and run the power and antenna wire up front (power to the batt, antenna mounted on hood). I want to get thru the firewall via the grommet. Question 1) where is it on an 02 TB LTZ? Question 2) what's it look like? And yes, I have looked...
  18. Radio install Help?

    Audio and Electronics
    i want to put an after market head unit in my TB. Do i need a Special wiring kit to install one? i have done installs many times before but not on a late model gm. Details about the TB: 2003 Trailblazer LT does not have onstar is not bose either does not not have stearing wheel controls also i...
  19. AVIC F700BT Installed, with OEM DVD functioning! PICS!

    Audio and Electronics
    I refused to pay the installers price on AV components anymore. So after a week of scouring the web, and many TV threads later, I received all the components for the new TB addition. I cannot take any credit for the install itself, as I had it done for me. But I figured knowing how just about...
  20. Installing an aftermarket amp while retaining onstar/door chime

    Audio and Electronics
    Hey guys, So i have the Metra AXXESS GMOS-01 adapter and all the nessecery stuff installed. I am wanting to know how/if the door chime/OnStar will still be functional when i run all four door speakers on a seperate amp. Im not sure how all the wiring and what not works with the adapter. I really...