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idle problem

  1. Idle surging 2005 Envoy SLE

    For the last several months my idle will surge down usually when I'm pulling out of a parking space or driveway when I'm only going 1-5 miles per hour. Mostly when I'm backing up and I shift from reverse to drive the idle will drop way down and has stalled a couple of times. I also notice that...
  2. 2002 Envoy p1345 (TERRIBLE idle)

    OEM Issues
    I know this code a problem is all too common, so sorry for posting another thread but I feel like i've tried everything that I can do, or know how to do to resolve this problem with no luck. I've seen alot of old threads when I googled this problem, but didn't see any real SOLVED, or solutions...
  3. ChevySmoke

    Please Help! 03 Trailblazer with 112,000 miles shutting off when coming to a stop and check engine light is on. Over the past few years I noticed my car would shut off when coming to a stop but it was only happened maybe 3 times a year. Just last week it started doing it about once a day and my...
  4. [SOLVED] Stalling at Idle with A/C On

    OEM Issues
    OK, My 04 4.2L trailblazer has been stalling at Idle while stopped at a light Occasionally. I recently had it to the local GM Dealer and they recommended a fuel system cleaning, from the Fuel Rail, for which I have ordered parts for but haven’t come in yet. However the tech said that he had...
  5. Rough Engine Idle

    OEM Issues
    Hey all, Last weekend my 2003 GMC Envoy hit 100k and along with that came the idling problem. It sounds like it is misfiring and there is a faint smell of gas coming from the exhaust. The codes pointed to a faulty cam position sensor. I replaced it but it did not resolve the problem. It has...
  6. Please help with idle problem

    OEM Issues
    I just read the "How to" for the Camshaft positon actuator solenoid (Great write up btw). My problem is that at normal driving speeds, under light pedal pressure, when the engine is warm, the engine kind of lopes - 50-100 RPMs - just enough to be annoying. Is the camshaft position sensor the...