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  1. wheel speed sensor cap screw, pentagon bit really?

    Trying to do a front wheel speed sensor fix as my 2009 has the ABS engaging at slow speeds while stopping. I checked and there is plenty of rust on the hub. Pretty sure this thread describes my fix So I jack up the front end, remove the tire...
  2. 2005 Trailblazer torque specs front axle

    OEM Issues
    I'm replacing passenger side front CV axle and need the following torque specs.. Axle nut Caliper bracket bolts Caliper guide pin bolts Hub bolts Lug nuts (103?) Lower ball joint Upper ball joint strut mounting bolts Sooner the better, luckily I don't have to go anywhere until the 2nd. HAPPY...
  3. Hub-centric Rings

    Anyone had to use hub-centric rings when going with 22s or 24s? A guy i spoke with said there's a possibility of having vibration over a certain speed if you don't use these rings when using a larger center bore aftermarket wheel
  4. Longtime viewer, first post

    This site has been very beneficial for a variety of repairs: front brakes and outer tie rod to name two. Now looking to repair vibrations, excessive road noise that I believe may be hub bearings. 2006 Envoy 4WD, 125K miles. Thanks for all your help.
  5. ABS/Stabiltitrac Light On

    I changed both wheel bearing hub assemblies and CV half shafts on my 2006 trailblazer. Everything went together as expected. When I started the engine, the ABS light, the Stabilitrak service light and Stabilitrak indicator light stay on. I verified that both connectors plugs were plugged in...
  6. Vibration, Growling, Squealing, Shaking, Rubbing noises

    SYMPTONS: 1.Car pulls to the left 2.Vibration/Light Growling around 40MPH 3.Shakes at 80MPH 4.Rubbing noise from Drivers side wheel well turning right or left 5.Left and right tires squeal around every turn. FIXES: A.Balanced all tires and inflated to exact tire inflation. a.No difference...